About Us

Our Focus - Protecting Our Client's Interests

Our mandate is to advise our clients of the business and legal risks and to develop strategies to avoid risks and legal challenges.

We use our extensive knowledge of Thai custom and practice and the evolving legal framework to assist our clients to operate successfully in Thailand's changing economy.

We provide thorough, comprehensive and efficient legal services to protect the interests of our clients.

Our Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of all services performed by the firm.

How we determine fees

Unless we have a fee agreement in advance, our fees are calculated on an hourly basis according to our schedule of fees. In addition, we may consider the complexity of the matter, the nature and gravity of the issues, and the urgency of the matter.

Fee estimates and fixed fees

An estimate is an indication of the likely charges based on the best information we have at the time. An estimate is subject to revision and is not binding.

A fixed fee proposal is a binding proposal to perform the specified services for a certain fee. You will only be be charged extra if you ask us to perform services outside the agreed scope of the fixed fee proposal.

Disbursements and other expenses

Our fees are for professional services only. You will also be responsible for all disbursements and expenses. We will invoice you for all expenses incurred, including travel, photocopying, telephone calls, fax, postage and courier charges, stamp duty, registration fees and filing fees. We may ask you to make interim payments on account for disbursements and expenses.

Payment terms

We may bill you at regular intervals while the matter is in progress. A final bill will be sent to you after the matter is completed. If for any reason your matter does not proceed to completion, you will be responsible for our charges and expenses incurred until we are informed that the matter has terminated. Invoices are due and payable on receipt. We reserve the right to charge interest on bills that are overdue for thirty days at the rate of 1.5 percent per month.

Our invoices are payable without any deduction or withholding of taxes of any kind. If a deduction or withholding is required by law, you will be responsible for paying such additional amount as is necessary so that we receive the full amount of the bill.

Ownership and storage of materials

All original documents (such as deeds, guarantees or certificates) will be returned to you upon completion of the matter and payment of your bill. Our work product, including all correspondence and other material written by us, will remain our property and we retain the copyright.

Electronic communications

We check all electronic communications for virus and malicious agents and we advise you to carry out virus checks on your data and systems. We accept no liability for any viruses that may enter your system or data by these or any other means. With respect to electronic communications, we accept no liability for nonreceipt, late receipt by you, corruption of the data, or accidental disclosure to other parties.


We owe a duty of care with respect to confidential information given to us. We have no duty to disclose to you, or use for your benefit, any confidential information that we currently have, or may obtain, in relation to any other client or third party.

Conflicts of interest

If you become aware of a possible conflict of interest between you and another client for whom we act in a particular matter, you should raise it immediately with us.

Disclosure for promotional purposes

Unless you inform us otherwise, you agree that we may include the fact of our representation of you, in a list of matters which we use for training or promotional purposes.

Third Parties

The services provided by us to you are solely for your benefit and we accept no responsibility to anyone else. We deny any liability to any third parties to whom you may relay our advice.

If you ask us to introduce other professional consultants to you, we will endeavor to do so. Unless agreed otherwise, you will be responsible for payment of their fees and charges directly. Any advice given by them will be their responsibility and not ours, and we shall not be liable for any act or omission by them.

Termination of our relationship

You have the right to end our relationship at any time.

If you decide to end our relationship, we have the right to exercise a lien over and retain the deeds, documents and other property held for you until our bills are paid in full. We have the right to end our relationship with you at any time. Examples of when this may be necessary include:

  • if a conflict of interest arises
  • if any payment due to us, or reasonably required by us on account of fees or expenses, is not made
  • if we are unable to obtain full instructions from you
  • if the level of trust and confidence necessary in an attorney-client relationship is not sufficient or if we consider that it would be inappropriate for us to continue,in the light of our professional rules.

If we or you decide that we will no longer act for you, you will be responsible for our charges and expenses incurred before termination, plus any further charges and expenses for work necessary to transfer our files to another adviser of your choice. These terms will continue to be binding on each of us notwithstanding such termination.


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